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Blackholestars are a New Zealand rock band from Christchurch formed by Richard Grist in mid-2018 as an idea to connect with some old school friends and record some of his previously written tracks. A key goal was to involve other locals in the project, so as a collective, they could contribute something positive to their community as well as more widely contributing to New Zealand Music.

Members include, Salmonella Dub Drummer, Dave Deakins, Skywriters bassist, Greg Mannering and Guitarist/Songwriter Richard Grist. Others include Kirsty Brownlie, Piano and Lucinda Whitley, Cello and Ian McAllister keyboards and vocals. Blackholestars music is currently being performed solo by Richard Grist and at larger gigs with the full band putting on high energy shows. 

8 tracks were recorded between 2018-2019 produced by well regarded engineer, Ian McAllister from Audiocentric. The trio are all seasoned players and only required four practices before hitting the studio. They recorded all 8 tracks live in one night without a click track for drums. This kept the vibe fresh and the feel live. The overdub guitars, vocals and mixing took another 16 months to complete. The results were well worth the effort.

Influences include, The Jam, Jet, The Smiths, The Stone Roses, Oasis, Hoodoo Gurus and The Clash. Tracks will be individually released over 2019-2020 and will appear on the main streaming platforms as well as via Bandcamp. 

Contact Richard on 0274 580 704 or email here 

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