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Blackholestars are a New Zealand indie rock band from Christchurch, formed by singer, guitarist, and songwriter Richard Grist in 2019. The band consists of Richard Grist (guitars/vocals), David Deakins Salmonella Dub (drums) and Greg Mannering (bass).

More than most cities, Christchurch has a split personality. With the building of a new city, post-Earthquake, reality meets fantasy, strange ideas filter into the mainstream, and wild landscapes often battle broken dreams. The South Island of New Zealand has long been ripe for exploration by artists from, The Chills to The Exponents, to Six60 and now newcomers, Blackholestars, have drawn on their particular experiences of South Island NZ for their Debut 8 track EP.

The alt-rockers churn up a signature groove built on grimy electric guitar, driving melodic bass, beatlesque drums, as frontman Richard Grist, recently working as a Social Worker with the Christchurch Mosque shooting victims, observes a community reinventing itself in real-time while healing from a series of traumatic events “We are happy to be releasing new music; this time in the form of a series of singles,” Grist said in a statement. “‘It's gonna be hard’ is quite pessimistic but somehow does not seem out of context right now.

The bands Influences include the Buzzcocks, The Pixies, Oasis and REM, The EP will be released track by track over the next 12 months and will be available for purchase here.

Contact Richard on 0274 580 704 or email here 

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